Ina Paredis PhD Researcher

As a PhD researcher at DRIFT, Ina works specifically on the Our Smart Family Buddy project in IJsselmonde Rotterdam. Her research focuses on healthy living environment, community health and social innovation.

Originally from Belgium, Ina moved to the Netherlands to study at the University of Amsterdam. She did her bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology followed by a research master’s in Social Sciences. During her studies she conducted research on migration & identity making processes and eco-tourism & power dynamics using qualitative research methods such as fieldwork. After working in health(care) innovation sector, she became interested the topic of transition in health(care)systems.

After living in Latin America, impromptu get-togethers with food, music and a lot of dancing have become a new normal in Ina’s life. She enjoys being outdoors, getting creative and doing sport.

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