Floor van den Elzen Researcher & advisor

+31 10 754 63 20

As a researcher and advisor at DRIFT, Floor is particularly interested in the interaction between different actors in complex systems and the ways in which unusual suspects can bring about change. Floor joined DRIFT looking to shape sustainability transitions together with the people who are living them, most prominently in the transition towards a just energy system.

Floor has a background in history, sustainable development and environmental governance (BA History at University of Amsterdam and MSc Sustainable Development & Environmental Governance at Utrecht University). Before working at DRIFT, she spent six years working at the True Price and Impact Institute, where she specialized in societal impact measurement and valuation for decision-making in energy and water transitions. Next to her work at DRIFT, Floor is a member of the Supervisory Board of ARK Rewilding Nederland, an organization that works to restore and strengthen natural processes in the Netherlands and other European countries.

Outside of work, Floor enjoys going to concerts, taking camping trips and creating the ideal circumstances for rewilding her little garden.

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