Emil Beemer PhD Researcher

+31 10 4088194

As a PhD researcher at DRIFT, Emil Beemer is primarily interested in the many issues of (in)justice that surround transitions. His research therefore focuses on mobility justice within the Dutch mobility transition, with an emphasis on understanding and supporting communities and organisations that are building a just and sustainable mobility system. Emil works within the NEON Research consortium, a multidisciplinary project aimed at accelerating the energy and mobility transition in the Netherlands.

Helping communities imagine and build an inclusive and clean future is where Emil’s passion lies. Before joining DRIFT, he earned an MSc in Global Business and Sustainability and a BSc in International Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management. This background helped Emil understand the need for systemic change led not just by governments, but also by citizens and entrepreneurs. In his master’s thesis, he developed a systems-centred world view for management education to support this societal shift.

Outside of research and activism, you will usually find Emil either buried in a pile of books or walking through the parks and meadows around Utrecht. He has recently taken up charcoal sketching to capture his favourite spots.

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