Dewi Lemmens Researcher & advisor

Dewi’s work is primarily focused on the social dimensions of transitions. She questions transformative processes by considering by and for whom transitions are designed. In doing so, she urges individuals and organisations to pay more attention to inclusivity in transitions. At DRIFT, she is currently working on the Bouwdepot and MBO Digitaal projects.

Dewi has a bachelor’s and master’s in Anthropology and Developmental Sciences from the Radboud University Nijmegen. Over the years, she has gained a lot of experience in fieldwork and qualitative research. During her Bachelor’s, she researched marginalised groups and stigmatisation in India, and for her Master’s she looked into citizenship and identity of Surinamese-Dutch individuals in relation to their colonial past. This sparked her curiosity for themes as injustice and system change. Prior to joining DRIFT, Dewi worked as a qualitative researcher for Utrecht University in a European project on work-life balance for working parents and family caregivers. She also worked as a researcher on a documentary series about Surinam for the Dutch national broadcaster NPO.

She has a big passion for documentaries and tries bring out her knowledge in creative ways. In future, she hopes to use more storytelling in her research to tease out more personal experiences relating to transitions.

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