Aron Teunissen Researcher & advisor

At DRIFT, Aron works on various topics. He is very into political and governance questions in transitions and like to get involved in how different societal actors can be connected and supported to co-create sustainable futures.

At the moment, Aron is working on Rotterdam Circulair, a municipality initiative to work towards a circular economy in 2050. He is also involved in the European Topic Center on Sustainability by the European Environmental Agency, which focuses on transformative social innovation and sustainability transitions in European sustainability policy.

Aron studied Future Planet Studies with Amsterdam University and followed that up with a master’s in Sustainable Development at Utrecht Utrecht University. During his education he mostly focused on the political dimension of climate and environmental issues and the role of power, particularly in relation to how (inter)national climate policy creates possibilities for for valuable regional and local climate initiatives.

With this background, Aron worked as a researcher for Climate Focus, where he analysed (international) policy and legislature related to food production and consumption, forest management, landscape restoration and CO2 taxation.

Aron spends a lot of his free time on music and frequently features as a double bass player in various orchestras and ensembles. He is also an ardent climber, longboarder and book reader. Whenever he gets the change, you can find him camping in the great European outdoors.

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