Frido Kraanen Visiting practitioner

Frido Kraanen is a visiting practitioner at DRIFT, where he focuses on 'transition pain'; the phenomenon of support for transition decreasing among people or organizations who experience (perceived) loss, which can also increase resistance. This slows down societal change or even bring it to a halt. We see this phenomenon in sustainability transitions such as those in healthcare.

In daily life, Frido is a director of the elderly care and healthcare organisation Omring. Omring provides nursing home care, home care, recovery care and geriatric rehabilitation. More than 5,000 people work at Omring, the working area is North Holland North. As a visiting practitioner, Frido will mainly bridge the gap between practice and science. We see that transitions are necessary in healthcare in order to continuously provide good professional care in the future. In this transition, a lot of “transition pain” is visible with clients, employees, organisations and society as a whole.

Frido also loves opera, Feyenoord, but especially his three daughters. He is married and lives in Zoetermeer.

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