(most recent update: 11 july 2024)

The sustainability of our company

As a social enterprise working on green and just futures, it is key that we ourselves are mindful of how sustainable we are. As an organization, we almost always take public transport work, clients and conferences where possible. To commit ourselves to improving the sustainability of DRIFT, we are working on obtaining a certificate from the CO2 performance ladder.

The CO2 performance ladder.

The CO2 performance ladder is a sustainability tool that helps us to reduce the amount of CO2 released during our activities. We set goals together with a professional partner, and then we manage and monitor these. An external auditor then checks us once a year. We are currently working on obtaining our first certification. Our emissions for 2023 are 14.6 tonnes of CO2. This was mainly due to the international travel of our staff. We purchase Guarantees of Origin for our electricity use.


The measures

Within the organisation, we have had several discussions about what to do to further reduce our CO2 emissions. Below are the most important ones:

  • For (international) work travel:
    • For air travel: use SAF at least 25%
    • Within Europe, the policy is not to fly under 700 km or if the train journey is shorter than 8 hours
  • For office use:
    • Get rid of the printer and share it with another organization
    • Renew refrigerator
  • For our employees, what can they do?
    • Close blinds on warm days, especially in unused areas
    • On cold days, the last person in the office sets radiator valves to a low setting
    • We have several standby kill switches, we actually want to use these

Our goal

Because we already travel a lot by public transport and work in the service sector, our emissions are low. That is why we aim for a 5% reduction in CO2 emissions in 2027 compared to 2023, see table below:

2024 1%
2025 2%
2026 3%
2027 5%



There is active participation in CO2 reduction initiatives, such as participation in the Erasmus University Sustainability Taskforce, the Lentland Foundation board, the Ifund board and the HIER supervisory board. The aim of this participation with sector and/or chain partners is to exchange knowledge and stimulate innovation regarding CO2 reduction.