Welzijn en zorg

As Western welfare & healthcare systems are increasingly being dismantled, fundamental social rights are under threat. Decades of budgets cuts, privatization of public services and a neoliberal focus on the individual have chipped away at the position of marginalized groups. As a consequence, more and more people are struggling to access adequate levels of income, education, housing, and healthcare.


In our transition work, we address systemic change in welfare and healthcare systems against the backdrop of underlying political and ethical issues, such as socio-economic inequalities, solidarity issues and struggles for justice.

Below you’ll find a few examples of how DRIFT has applied transition management to long-term care and youth welfare organisations, and how we have worked on resilient communities and youth homelessness at the neighborhood and individual level.

We are eager to help you and your organisation explore transitions and find new ways of collaborating to safeguard fundamental social rights. Please get in touch with Stéphanie van der Raad if you want to work with us on shaping a society where everybody is able to thrive and flourish.

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