Nature & Biodiversity

Biodiversity and nature are essential to life on earth. It’s becoming more urgent every day to better care for these (eco)systems, considering biodiversity loss, insistent droughts, water shortages and urban heat stress.

We need to stop seeing care for nature as the opposite of economic development. The two can reinforce one another: concepts such as nature-inclusive, the nature-positive economy, climate adaptation and nature-based solutions are good examples of that.

But those measures require a radically different relationship between man and nature, affecting both rural and urban spatial planning. How do you ensure everyone has access to green living space? How do you factor in the needs of animals and plants using a co-creative process? And how to translate the right knowledge into action or a social business model?

Would your organisation also like to tackle these challenges? DRIFT has amassed a lot of experience in this area from various projects. Get in touch with Mara de Pater.

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