It is much easier for us to travel to work, family, friends and holiday destinations than it was for our grandparents. At the same time, air pollution, noise, and spatial congestion are detrimental to our health, and our current systems are big contributors to mobility poverty and  climate change. 

A simple switch from fossil to electric vehicles won’t solve these problems. But what will? On top of innovation in electrification and other tech, we need systems change that can provide solutions to complex mobility challenges: on a national and global scale, in urban and rural ares, for transport and cargo.

Fortunately, many organisations and individuals are working hard on a different perspective on mobility and are spurring action. Please find below a few examples of such projects in which DRIFT was involved.

Can we also assist your organisation in mobility transitions? With visioning, practical interventions or design processes for complex challenges? Please contact Igno Notermans.

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