Justice & inclusion

“Justice is fundamentally about how societies solve (or worsen) social inequities under which people are not able to flourish. The fundamental threads of justice are formed by the different types of inclusions and equalities, or exclusions and inequalities, that might affect society’s capacity to ensure equity.” This was a key phrase in the Urbana project we were involved in, and says a lot about our work on justice and inclusion.

System change always provokes questions about justice and in- or exclusion of certain (groups of) people. In the last few years, this has become even more important and urgent against the backdrop of, for example, the Black Lives Matter movement or the Dutch childcare benefits scandal. Such examples make painfully clear how in- and exclusion are firmly entrenched in societal systems and how they reinforce inequities.

At DRIFT we are committed to take (in)justice and any form of oppression into account in our work. We see it as a learning process and strive to start more cooperations and projects on the theme of justice and inclusion.

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