Voedsel en landbouw

Food & agriculture systems are under a lot of pressure, that much is clear. Decades of upscaling & intensification have led to a high ecological footprint, international dependencies, and injustices around access to food, both locally and globally.

Fortunately we also see inspiring, flourishing alternatives for healthy, sustainable and accessible food. Think of cooperations, local-minded retailers, urban agriculture, etc. And we’re also seeing a shift with established players: sustainable agriculture has gone beyond niche, the transition is accelerating!

Is your organisation also committed to making food & agriculture fair and future-proof? Then DRIFT would love to work with you! We have a lot of experience with advisory and guidance throughout the chain, with farmers, governments and funders, for example. Below you will find a few striking examples of our work.

Would you like to know more about what we can do for you on this theme? Please get in touch with Laura van Bellen.

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