Duurzame energie

The long-awaited acceleration of the energy transition has begun, at least in a Dutch/EU context. The energy transition seems to be going into overdrive before our eyes, and our approach is changing along with it. With more attention to the resulting chaos, international cooperation and a critical, political voice.

Year after year, the Dutch energy transition was underwhelming. A country of coal and gas. But we now live in a different reality. In recent years, the Netherlands has certainly accelerated and we are the leader in solar energy in Europe. We also have the strongest growth in sustainable electricity worldwide. The war in Ukraine has moved energy security center stage, and in many countries the acceleration already in place seems to be going into overdrive.

But there is still a long way to go. The built environment is heavily dependent on gas heating, home insulation lags and industrial clusters face an enormous challenge. The transition can also be a source of hurt and does not inherently lead to just outcomes. While many homeowners have made themselves comfortable with solar panels, heat pumps and electric cars, high energy costs and other transition pains are plaguing renters and poorer homeowners.

It is time to take a much more critical and political position when it comes ‘transitions in the making’ and to retain the ‘radical core’ of the original frontrunners, especially in times of acceleration – this way we prevent sustainability from becoming a strategy to maintain the existing regime, but really accelerate transitions to just and sustainable societies.

Does your organisation want to gear up for the next phase of the energy transition? In various projects, DRIFT has become very experiences with the wind, solar, hydrogen and heating aspects as well as the social dimensions of this transition. See the examples above and get in touch with  Gijs Diercks.

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