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Would you like to be a changemaker for justice and sustainability transitions? Do you want your work to be more transformative, but don’t know where to start? The DRIFT Transition Academy offers online and on-site professional education that empowers you to think and act for fundamental change.

Extra car lanes, new procedures or technological fixes – these alone will not save us from the multiple crises we’re facing. Climate change, biodiversity loss and increasing social equality require fundamental system change. This is why we as a research institute are working in practice, together with practitioners, on transitions to more just and sustainable societies.

It’s something we can’t do by ourselves – nor do we want to do it all alone. That’s why we created the Transition Academy, to bring you our action research insights through Dutch- and English-language courses and trainings. This way, we enable you to accelerate justice and sustainability transitions in your (professional) sphere of influence.

What are societal transitions? And how can you influence them? In our open courses and tailor-made programmes, you can learn from DRIFT and other experts on transitions in energy, mobility, food and healthcare, to name a few.

You also get to build a network of peers working on similar challenges in various domains. Because we believe only so much of learning is achieved through teacher-student transfer. So we also invite you to bring in your own experience and case studies, and facilitate exchange with your Transition Academy peers, even after your education has officially ended.

What did participants think of the Transition Academy in 2021?

Please get in touch with us if you have questions about our education. We strive to respond within 3 working days. And here is our terms & conditions and complaints procedure.

We hope to see you soon at the Academy!

Tineke den Dekker

Manager Education & Learning

Serf Doesborgh

Coordinator & Facilitator Education

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As we believe that transition learning should not be restricted to paid interactions, we also offer a variety of free events, consultancy hours and wildcard entries. You can find these in our DRIFT agenda & newsfeed, or follow us on social media.