about DRIFT

the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions

DRIFT is a leading research institute in the field of transition science. Founded in 2004, we were one of the first organisations globally devoted to sustainability and justice transitions. Our 30+ DRIFTers are here to help you and your organisation explore fundamental change!

DRIFT operates as a social enterprise under the umbrella of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Over the last two decades, DRIFT has seen the research and practice of sustainability transitions develop into a thriving and international scientific domain.

Our vision

Our firsthand knowledge and experience of transitions, gives us the confidence that it is possible to organise energy, food, healthcare and other systems in fundamentally different ways.

As action researchers, we do not consider ourselves neutral bystanders but want to contribute that change. For this, we believe we need to work in co-creation with all manner of individuals and organisations, combining an activist approach with a reflexive attitude. (photo by Jan van der Ploeg)


Our people

DRIFT is an international group of 30+ researchers, consultants and support staff. Our backgrounds range from environmental science to economics and from engineering to cultural anthropology.

We combine scientific rigor with a love for practical knowledge and activism. DRIFTers are socially conscious, open-minded, curious and at times provocative.

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DRIFT as a social enterprise

Our research institute is organised as a social enterprise, meaning we are, above all else, concerned with being of value to society. To reflect on how we are performing as a social enterprise, we publish an annual impact report, consult a societal council twice a year and act according to social plans on gender equity and cooperation with the fossil industry.

Do you too want to make research, education and consultancy for fundamental change your bread & butter? We frequently post openings for jobs and internships offering attractive conditions, a wonderful work environment and a role in a flat organisational structure, giving you a lot of freedom.