DRIFT and the fossil-based industry


As an organisation working on accelerating transitions to just and sustainable societies, we walk a very fine line when interacting with actors involved in unsustainable regimes, such as the fossil-based industry. So, we want to make explicit our conditions for interacting with this industry and introduce open questions to further explore whether such ties are really in the best interest of people and planet.


Putting this to paper has been challenging and we mean to iterate and adapt this process over years to come. We hope to continue to learn regarding what is or is not a desired interaction. Although we feel that our decision-making in the past has roughly been in line with these conditions and questions, we had never made it explicit before. Publishing this document is also an open invitation to you, our readers and potential critics, to hear what you deem right and effective in accelerating justice and sustainability transitions.


Click here to read our decision-making document.