Just Sustainability Transitions Course

04 May, 2022 - 26 Oct, 2022

Energy, food, mobility, finance – just about every global sector is expected to transform dramatically in the coming decades. So isn’t it time you create your own transition strategy?
Do you believe, like us, that sustainability and social justice are key to fundamental change? Then join ‘Just Sustainability Transitions’: a hands-on, six-month course that provides the tools and inspiration needed to facilitate change processes. Sign-up now!

On the fence? Watch our free trial class!
Are you thinking of signing up for this course, but not sure yet? On 3 March, Giorgia Silvestri hosted a free trial class on the subject. You can see the video of that below:

A new & unique program 
The Just Sustainability Transitions peer-learning course draws from our latest action research insights on justice, sustainability transitions and social innovation. This new course brings you best practices and personal experiences we gathered during our work on transition processes in different settings and countries – in Europe and across the globe.
How can we facilitate and accelerate societal transformation? And how can we really bring in diverse allies to drive systemic change? This course helps you find answers to such questions by combining state-of-the-art research with deep critical reflection and applied action learning. We provide a diversity of perspectives that help you discover what works for you.
Special attention is given to tools and methods with which you can organise a process of transition in your area, organization or sector.
Your guides on this journey will be young and more seasoned DRIFT experts, all active in transitions research, (government) consultancy and education. They specialise in diverse domains such as climate policy, energy, agro-food, inclusiveness & participation, sustainable urbanism and the circular economy.
As this is a new course, not everything is set in stone yet. You will be given the opportunity to co-create your own learning journey.

“Attending DRIFT’s Transition Academy classes developed my head, heart and hands for societal change. The other participants are great, and the experiences open up a window to a new world.”
Satoru Mizuguchi, environmental journalist

What you will take from this journey?
During the course you will:

  • understand and apply just sustainability transition concepts, dynamics & tools;
  • experience reflection & co-creation as part of the course;
  • Apply tools to your own context and start facilitating a transition process;
  • Learn the language to bridge gaps between ‘current state’ and ‘new normal’;
  • Meet inspiring peers from all over the world, to learn from and collaborate with;
  • Gain access to diverse networks and a community of practice

Who will benefit most from this course?
We are explicitly looking for a diverse, global group of participants, with different backgrounds and experiences.  Maybe you have your own business, are keen to create change within your company or governmental organization, or would like to bring system thinking to your NGO or academic activities. We welcome participants active in all sectors, whether it be food, mobility, fashion, construction, energy, healthcare, finance, education or something else entirely.
Ten Wednesday sessions, interactive & online
Course days are fully online, using Zoom.

4 May
10:30-12:30 CEST
11:30-13:30 GMT+3
14:00-16:00 IST  
Introduction & getting to know each other – Giorgia Silvestri
18 May
9:30-13:00 CEST
10:30-14:00 GMT+3
13:00-16:30 IST
Systems thinking & transition dynamics – Nena Bode and Giorgia Silvestri
25 May
9:30-13:00 CEST
10:30-14:00 GMT+3
13:00-16:30 IST
Transition governance – Katharina Hölscher and Giorgia Silvestri
1 June
9:30-13:00 CEST
10:30-14:00 GMT+3
13:00-16:30 IST
Facilitating co-creative multi-actor processes in vulnerable areas – Neha Mungekar and Giorgia Silvestri
8 June
9:30-13:00 CEST
10:30-14:00 GMT+3
13:00-16:30 IST
Social Justice and Just Transitions – Sophie Buchel and Giorgia Silvestri
15 June
9:30-13:00 CEST
10:30-14:00 GMT+3
13:00-16:30 IST
Guided peer learning session and transition roadmapping group exercise – Giorgia Silvestri and 3 group mentors
Between June and September, we will challenge and guide you to apply what you’ve learned so far to your own context and develop a roadmap of your transition process.
7 September
9:30-13:00 CEST
10:30-14:00 GMT+3
13:00-16:30 IST
Food transition dynamics – Aniek Hebinck and Giorgia Silvestri
14 September
9:30-13:00 CEST
10:30-14:00 GMT+3
13:00-16:30 IST
Conflict & compassion in transitions – Timo von Wirth and Giorgia Silvestri
21 September
9:30-13:00 CEST
10:30-14:00 GMT+3
13:00-16:30 IST
Reflexive monitoring and Nature-Based solutions – Marleen Lodder and Giorgia Silvestri
26 October
9:30-13:00 CEST
10:30-14:00 GMT+3
13:00-16:30 IST
Comeback day with presentations by participants – Giorgia Silvestri

Your course coordinator and teachers
What do you bring in?
We are looking for participants who are eager to:

  • demonstrate motivation and curiosity to learn and to share your experience;
  • commit to participate in & prepare for online learning activities;
  • invest around 4-6 hours a week between May and June as well as September and October for lectures, readings, exercises and buddy contact moment;
  • pass on the lessons learnt in your organization, community and/or network.

For this course, we work with a pricing system on the basis of trust: we offer two options, please select the appropriate rate for your financial situation. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact Giorgia Silvestri. All prices listed are excluding VAT of 21%. 

  • € 2350 (suggested for well-paid professionals or those who receive a training budget from their employer)
  • € 1763 (suggested for those with more limited financial means)

The course price includes the full participation in the course. Upon successful completion of the course participants will be granted a certificate from DRIFT Transition Academy, Erasmus University Rotterdam. 
After registration we will select participants, aiming to bring together a group of around 24 people with diverse backgrounds. Because of sponsoring we are able to offer this course for a reduced course fee. That is why we specifically welcome people with limited financial means.
You can now register for this course

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If you have any questions, please get in touch with course coordinator Giorgia Silvestri.
The insights shared in this course are gathered from a number of projects (see tiles below).