Grand Challenges Sustainability

06 Mar, 2018 - 01 May, 2018

Each year prof. Jan Rotmans and dr. Henk Oosterling join forces in an 8 week block on Sustainability, that is part of the Erasmus Honours Programme on Grand Challenges.


In the Sustainability block a group of 25 students will analyse society from a transition perspective, and develop a critical stance towards the concept of sustainability. Students will get acquainted with transition theory and the innovative governance approach of transition management, as a means of influencing transitions to a more sustainable society. They will also learn how a discursive turn, i.e the development of a new ‘ecosophy’, is crucial for real transition.


Interdisciplinary approach

Like the other courses in the Grand Challenges programme, this block aims to break through the boundaries of disciplinary studies. The interdisciplinary approach appears to be a necessary approach, considering the complexity of many issues at hand. Phenomena like ‘poverty’ or ‘well-being’ demand a simultaneous and collaborative psychological, medical, sociologic and economic approach.


Interdisciplinary thinking is probably one of the greatest challenges to science today. The problems to be met, however, are not to be underestimated. It requires at least an open attitude towards other disciplines and other perspectives. This is precisely what the EHP tries to encourage and facilitate.


Interactive Learning

The educational environment of the Erasmus Honours Programme differs from the usual teaching settings. Due to the multidisciplinary background of the group – students and teachers -, different, and even conflicting perspectives will be addressed and discussed. Without doubt, the learning practice of an interdisciplinary attitude will help EHP students in their further academic career and beyond.


To enhance the interdisciplinary status of the curriculum, each module kicks off with an impression of the interdisciplinary issues at stake. Points of focus and leading questions will be formulated. At the end of each module, the interdisciplinary issues will be readdressed and evaluated.


Next dates

Tuesday March 6th 2018 – Tuesday May 1th 2018


Confirmed Lecturers

Dr. H.A.F. Oosterling, Associate professor, Faculty of Philosophy
Prof. dr. ir. J. Rotmans, Professor in transition management | Drift – Faculty of Social Science.


Programma Manager

Drs. Mariëlle Elenbaas