DRIFT offers consultancy and strategic interventions to support you and your organization. We can help you better understand your role in transitions and plan for sustainable and just alternatives to business-as-usual.
As part of our mission to make societies more just and sustainable, we work with many different organisations that seek to overcome complex problems in their field.
Whether it’s pressure on our healthcare system, loss of biodiversity in relation to agriculture or the untapped potential of decentralized renewable energy – we are happy to help you navigate such transition dynamics and the shocks and surprises that come with them. Just get in touch with us!

Our approach
Together with companies, governments, NGOs and other organisations, we co-create outcomes that are ready to adopt and have impact on transitions. Our approach is both scientific and practical: we are action researchers, building upon deep knowledge of transition management, transitions research and other academic fields, as well as plenty of practical experience.
It doesn’t matter whether your question is strategic, tactical or operational. And whether you would like to work online, in-person or blended. We always design our projects in close collaboration with our clients and choose specific transition tools and approaches based on the transition dynamics at hand.  
How, exactly? Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Strategic transition advice: state of transition; visioning; system & actor analysis; roles in transition; navigating complexity;
  • Transition arenas: co-creative process; facilitating deep dialogue; supported transition agenda; new coalitions; innovation networks;
  • First aid in transitions: mentoring; tailor-made training; facilitating co-creation; demand-driven research; practical advice;


DRIFT’s efforts across domains

On these pages you can find specific examples of our work in various domains: circular economy, education, energy, food & agriculture, justice & inclusion, mobility & transport, nature & biodiversity, urban & spatial development and welfare & health.