Our societies are changing in fundamental ways. DRIFT offers consultancy and strategic interventions to help organisations better understand their changing environment and proactively set course towards sustainable alternatives. We focus on opportunities for change beyond mere optimisation and aim for social, economic and ecological value creation. 


Dominant organisational structures and business models increasingly find themselves in a lock-in. Our healthcare systems are overloaded, technological developments are replacing jobs and a globalised production system is leading to a depletion of both the earth and its people. At the same time technological developments and social innovation bring unbridled possibilities for positive change. Think for instance of the rise of a circular economy, smart grids, renewable energy and bottom-up social movements. These change dynamics go hand in hand with resistance, shocks and surprises. What does this imply for organisations? How can they deal with the uncertainties and how can they become a frontrunner for sustainable alternatives?


In our consultancy work we support a wide variety of clients such as governments, branch organisations, companies and other organisations. We offer them a better understanding of societal challenges and develop radically new innovation strategies that give long-term clarity of purpose. We do this on the basis of strong analyses, consultancy on content and process; knowledge of a wide variety of sectors and policy domains; experience at different (geographical) scales and the capacity to facilitate creative sessions and co-creation processes.


Our services

Our concrete consultancy offer varies from conducting systems analysis to building temporary innovation networks and facilitating co-creation processes. We also have offer hybrid trajectories combining consultancy with in-company training programmes and coaching. The approach we take is always taillor made in collaboration with our clients… online, offline, and in blended settings.



Our multidisciplinary and ambitious team builds on deep knowledge of transition research and many years of experience in practice. Both are constantly kept up to date by the cross-fertilisation between ongoing academic research. education and practice.