Reflexive monitoring & evaluations

Are you, as a transition maker, constantly running into unexpected obstacles and opportunities? Finding it impossible to determine goals and indicators at the start? It’s not you, it’s inherent in transitions!
We can help you using reflexive monitoring, a key transition tool that enables you and your organisation to focus on learning and steering for structural change. We’ve already applied it to various contexts, such as European city-makers’ efforts to plan, build and maintain green solutions, and the food transition in South Holland.
Reflexive monitoring helps you to balance flexibility and clarity, benefitting yourself, your team, and other stakeholders.
There are three ways in which we can help you with reflexive monitoring:

  • First we can monitor and evaluate your initiative or program. We can set up a monitoring procedure for you, guide the monitoring process and document important lessons and results, and help you to work more effectively.
  • Second, we can help you set up a monitoring and evaluation framework and approach. With our help, you are able to monitor and document as well as adapt your transition strategies when opportune or necessary.
  • Third, we offer education and training programmes that enable you to build reflexive monitoring capacity in your organization. In our courses, you and your colleagues develop their own monitoring cases while receiving training on the theory and practice of reflexive monitoring, including guidance for carrying out specific monitoring activities.

Keen to discover what reflexive monitoring can do for your work on sustainability and justice? Please get in touch with PJ Beers.
Below, you will find a collection of successfully concluded reflexive monitoring projects as well as key resources.