Off The Streets: mobilisation for homeless youth

Off The Streets (Van de Straat) focuses on mobilizing individual and organizational stakeholders, to offer homeless youth a stable foundation for development and participation in society.

The stakeholders involved in the Off The Streets movement are active players in the domain of health and welfare, education and work and in the adjoining domains of science and politics. The starting point and core of the movement are, however, the youth the program focuses on: the movement aims to work for ánd together with the youth in need. Moreover, by expanding from pilots and programs in Friesland and Groningen to implementation in other Dutch regions, the movement aims for national impact.

The parties involved in the project work together to develop a shared perspective and action strategy for a sustainable youth policy. DRIFT supports this process by using the environment and experiences of homeless youth and the local context of the regions as a starting point. Subsequently, together with the project team and partners, we develop a joint ownership of current and future challenges. DRIFT contributes by offering a transitions perspective and expertise on organizing, facilitating and accelerating transition processes, including application of diverse transition management tools. Find out more about the project, the process and the results by reading our publications (in Dutch).

Duration of the project
The project runs from mid 2013 until mid 2018


Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland, Federatie Opvang, Kamers met Kansen, Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport en Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap

DRIFT team
Frank van Steenbergen, Karlijn Schipper and Derk Loorbach.

More information?
Contact Frank van Steenbergen.