First aid in transitions

Sometimes all you need is well-timed, specific transition help. You might be looking for a few training sessions to get your theoretical knowledge up to speed. Maybe you just want to have an expert-level conversation to tackle pressing issues. Or you need someone to take the time to research your specific transition question. For those emergencies we offer first aid adapted to your needs.
Pictured: DRIFT consultation hours during a Transition Academy alumni day, 2022.
DRIFT’s first aid activities include the following services:
Consultation hours: once every two months, we host a low key moment in which you can spar with us about your transition question.
Tailor-made training: together with you, we can design a personalised learning journey that taps into the learning potential of your team or network.
Facilitation of co-creation and transition processes: often the knowledge and ideas to accelerate transitions already exist in your organization or network, but you need help to increase their transformative potential or translate these ideas into concrete actions. We can offer an outside perspective and facilitate one or more sessions with your team.
Demand-driven research: you know the general direction of the transition in your domain as well as your preferred strategy, you’re just short on specific data or in-depth knowledge. We can help you maintain momentum by taking care of qualitative research and sharing the results in a presentation or report.
Mentoring: we can guide you, alone or with a small group of peers, with a challenge or question central to your work, via a structural mentoring program (lasting at least 6 months). We mostly offer this to individuals already well-versed in transition theory, for example those who have already been involved in one of our projects and courses.
Seeking urgent transitional attention? Please get in contact with Carien van der Have. Below you will find a few examples of our first aid activities.