Create Change Together: international program for corporate social responsibility

The program ‘Create Change Together’ (Samen Veranderen) aimed to make the international chains of small and medium-sized enterprises more sustainable by organizing activities and building coalitions around specific themes. The program assumes that these enterprises play an important role in making the international trade chain more sustainable.

Together DRIFT and ‘MVO Nederland’ created a sectoral transition approach to accelerate the dynamics of change by creating opportunities for new ways of thinking and doing. By building upon and strengthening these alternatives, the program strived for structural impact

Read the full description of the program on our Dutch webpage.

Read or publications (in Dutch) on:

  1. Small and medium-sized enterprises as accelerators of change;
  2. Corporate social responsibility;
  3. Sustainability transitions and transition experiments

Get to know inspiring examples of corporate social responsibility at the website

The program runs from 2013 until 2016

Client(s)/ Commissioning party
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

DRIFT team
Chris Roorda, Frederic Sanders, Katinka Wijsman, Derk Loorbach, Sophie Buchel