At DRIFT, we actively engage and stir in public, scientific and political debate. We strive to share our thoughts, knowledge and experiences and invite others to do the same. We also aim to learn, to listen and to reflect. The DRIFT Arena encompasses all our activities that explicitly aim to reach a wider audience and spark dialogue, reflection and debate. Join us in one of our upcoming public events or lectures, read opinion pieces and challenge our opinions on social media.
As socially active transition researchers, educators and practitioners we believe in the power of collaborative experimentation and knowledge production. Throughout our projects, education and research we encounter new ideas, perspectives and interact with all sorts of actors, interests and institutions. During all these engagements we publish, speak and produce.
We also see how practitioners, researchers, civil servants and entrepreneurs are each in their own way working on transitions. However, more often than not they are disconnected within their own organization, domain or discipline. We are convinced that there is much to learn across these boundaries when it comes to sustainability transitions.
The DRIFT Arena is the place were we actively share our visions, knowledge and experience and invite others to do the same. We do this by sharing our opinions and latest insights in blogs, essays and videos and by organising public events such as symposia, transition dialogue dinners, and public lectures.
We hope that these activities can contribute to a broader culture of exchange between a wide variety of actors and across different transition contexts. And that this in turn can empower change makers across the board to actively take position against unsustainability and find ways to collectively move forward

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