Workshop Prosumer Business models for the Energy Transition

18 Jun, 2019

Our energy system is in transition. How can we further accelerate the transition, and which business models have emerged in local energy initiatives? We invite you to explore these questions in a workshop on prosumer business models in the Impact Hub in Amsterdam.

Researchers of the University of Leeds invite you to participate in a workshop on prosumer business models. Prosumers produce and consume electricity. The recent growth of prosumers has led to the question: what are the business models of these initiatives?

The researchers have identified multiple business models in the UK and Germany, as part of their work in the Prosumers in the Energy Union Project (PROSEU). Examples of those are microgrids, local energy companies, virtual power plants and more. This workshop will deal with the question: how do these models work, and which models have emerged in Dutch initiatives?

Goal of the workshop
The target group of the workshop exists of utility companies, energy initiatives (such as energy cooperatives and local energy initiatives), policy makers, entrepreneurs, NGOs in the energy sector and researchers in the field. In this workshop we will:

  • Get to know state-of-the-art prosumer business models
  • Co-create new business models
  • Investigate the barriers of prosumer business models and the ways to overcome them

In the afternoon, there’s the opportunity to attend a lecture of Marjan Minnesma of Urgenda (in Dutch) and join a networking event of people in this field.

The workshop is part of the PROSEU project. This project is about participation in decentralized energy systems. Do you want to know more about PROSEU? Read more about the project here.

The workshop is from 09.00 until 13.00, the lecture is from 14.00 to 16.00 on the 18th of June in the Impact Hub in Amsterdam (Linnaeusstraat 2C). It is possible to join lunch and the networking event afterwards.

You can sign up through this form. The registration deadline is the 30th of May.