What does a just transition to solve climate change by 2030 look like?

09 Apr, 2021

If you are in school, college or uni, you are prepping for a future dominated by climate change effects. So why are there so few classes on the climate? And why is the climate in your curriculum primarily concerned with modelling and science?

According to transition studies, we need social innovation and climate justice to get out of this crisis. So what does a just transition to solve climate change look like? Join our first webinar in our series on sustainable & just transitions to explore how to #SolveClimateBy2030 and amplify the call to #MakeClimateAClass!
On Friday April 9th at 15:30-17:00, DRIFT is hosting a webinar exploring the question what a just sustainability transition out of the climate crisis might look like, with speakers dr. Shivant Jhagroe (Leiden University), dr. Katharina Hölscher (DRIFT) and Mara de Pater (DRIFT).
This webinar is part of the project Solve Climate by 2030 by Bard College in New York. The main goal of the project is to #MakeClimateAClass: giving climate change topics a more substantial role in education, in all disciplines. Part of this project is the Global Dialogue, a world-wide series of webinars hosted by more than 100 universities in over 50 countries, that will take place in the first weeks of April. In each webinar, three speakers will address themes of green recovery, climate solutions and just transitions. 
The webinar hosted by DRIFT addresses the question:

How can we use the decade ahead of us to accelerate a transition that tackles climate change in a way that is just?

We will look at this question through three different lenses: a justice perspective, a transformative approach and a climate activist stance, leaving plenty of room for questions and discussion.
The webinar is open to any and all participants, and we especially encourage high-school and university students to participate and join the discussion. A just transition that addresses the climate crisis concerns our shared future, and it is key that coming generations are involved in discussions about solutions. The webinar will be held in English. 
You can join the webinar here.
This event is part of a webinar series on #JustSustainabilityTransitions that aims to deepen, translate and connect knowledge on transformative change towards more just and sustainable societies, in energy and other domains.