Webinar: Prosumers in the EU Clean Package

18 Sep, 2018

On September 18th, the PROSEU Project organizes a webinar that focuses on Prosumer involvement in the EU Clean Energy Package, directed at NGO’s Prosumer initiatives and national and European policy makers.

PROSEU (Prosumers for the Energy Transition) is a project under the EU Horizon 2020 Programme. It brings together eleven partners from seven countries and aims at mainstreaming the phenomenon of renewable energie Prosumer initiatives to the European Energy Union.

The Clean Energy Package will provide various opportunities for strengthening Prosumer initiatives across the EU. The laws adopted within the Clean Energy Package will require adoption of national legislation and development of national policies and measures, including National Energy and Climate Plans (NCEP’s) and Long Term Strategies (LTS). The inclusion of Prosumer-related topics is of great importance to ensure that distributed generation and citizen participation in the energy transition are at the center of the European Energy Union.

The webinar will provide general insights into current developments of the European Prosumer legislation. It will also provide guidance on certain national measures that will have to be adopted by Member States based on EU legislation. In particular, it will discuss how Prosumer views and interests could be included in the NECP and LTS. It is directed at NGO’s Prosumer initiatives as well as national and European policy makers.

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