Translocal solidarity for just sustainability transitions

19 Apr, 2022

What are the struggles and delights of translocal networking for just sustainability transitions? In this 2-hour online event on April 19 from 16:00-18:00, you can join others who are also working locally and connected globally to tackle the economic, ecological and social challenges of our times.
In this interactive online meeting, a diversity of speakers will shortly share their experiences and visions with translocal networks followed by an interactive chat-storm discussion led by YOU, the participants!
Countless initiatives around the world working towards transformative change are finding support and resources through international network organizations. These networks promote global solidarity while also acknowledging deep local identities and traditions.
However, these movements need to challenge, alter and replace existing power structures in order to promote their alternatives approaches and address existing economic systems, commercial interests and political ideologies. What can we do to help ignite the transformative power of translocal collective action?
During this event, we will discuss the potential of translocal connections to enable just sustainability transitions from the perspective of multiple organizations, projects and networks. We invited several speakers to shortly share some insights and experiences including Sol Trumbo Vila (Transnational Institute, Transformative Cities), Sophia Silverton (UrbanA, ICLEI), Namita Kambli (E3G), Flor Avelino (DRIFT, VCC), and others (tba).
After the talks, there will be an interactive discussion with all participants. Questions will be crowdsourced: participants will be invited to drop their comments and questions directly in the chat. This is followed by a ‘chat storm’ discussion. In this format, participants nominate the questions that they would like to have discussed by the speakers. This way, participants decide what issues are talked about and what direction the conversation takes.
More information about the agenda will follow in the coming weeks.
Register here: Sign-up form for the Translocal Solidarity Event – Zoom Form
This event is a collaboration between the Vital Cities & Citizens Erasmus Initiative and the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT).