Transition consultation hours

17 Aug, 2023

How can we help? Do you have a burning question about transitions, or do you want DRIFT to think along with your initiative, project or research? Sign up for our free consultation hours and pick the brains of two DRIFTers.
At DRIFT, we work on transitions on a daily basis, through our research projects, courses, and company consultation. But not everyone working on a sustainable and just society may have the time, resources or organizational set-up to connect with DRIFT in that way.
That’s where our free consultation hours come in. Are you, for instance, a social entrepreneur or a member of a citizen initiative, and do you want to explore how you can best contribute to systemic change? Or do you want to change your organisation from within, but don’t quite know where to start? Sign up for our consultation hours below and get 30 minutes to discuss your challenge with two DRIFTers.
We accept both questions in Dutch and English.
Are the timeslots booked? Keep an eye on our agenda, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter: we frequently schedule new consultation slots, to create space for your questions!

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