Event: Transformative Research and Practice Session

08 Jun, 2017


In the context of the European Network project Social Innovation Communities, DRIFT, Impact Hub and Deeleconomie NL join forces and invite you to experience the transformative ambitions of new economy entrepreneurs, organizations and crowdplatforms in a transformative research and practice session on the 8th of June.


Worldwide,  new economy initiatives demonstrate that alternatives are possible. Their ways to structure and organize our economy challenge, alter and ultimately aim to replace dominant structures, cultures or practices, through offering alternative or complementary ones that create more value for society. These initiatives can enhance their impact through increased awareness about the different and changing roles and approaches involved in challenging established institutions through interaction with other practitioners and researchers. Therefore, DRIFT, Impact Hub and Deeleconomie NL invite you to apply for this transformative research and practice session.

In an interactive setting, you explore how different new economy initiatives challenge power relations and negotiate logics such as a) public vs. private, b) non-profit vs. for profit and c) formal vs. informal. You also zoom in on how changing roles (manifested in new activities) are used by these initiatives to access cultural, social or material resources and as such can be seen as ‘vehicle of agency’, as well as how changes in roles can indicate changes in the broader social fabric and shared values, norms and beliefs. An analytical lens will be introduced that guides you to explore your roles, struggles and strategic actions.

Are you working as entrepreneur, social innovator or platform organization in the collaborative/sharing economy, social economy, green/degrowth economy or solidarity economy? Are you a researcher dedicated to alternative economies? Do you aim for societal impact and/or systemic change? And would you like to share your experiences, learn from others and increase your network? Apply now!

This transformative research and practice session is scheduled on the 8th of June, from 09.30 until 17.00 at the Impact Hub Rotterdam. Apply before the 10th of May: spaces are limited!

Visit the website of the Social Innovation Communitiy to find out more about this event or to apply immediately.