The Connecting Nature Innovation Summit

23 Mar, 2021

Many city professionals throughout Europe want to build strong city ecosystems using nature-based solutions. And if the COVID-, climate- and biodiversity crises aren’t reason enough to start boosting nature in cities, there’s always the prospect of benefits to citizens, businesses and communities. Doing so, however, can be challenging. But it’s getting easier next week!
DRIFT is part of the Connecting Nature Innovation Summit, a virtual 3-day summit that showcases the learning and experiences of front-runner cities working with nature-based solutions through the Connecting Nature project. During the summit, you can get to know the innovative tools and methods which have evolved throughout the process, for you to use in your own city. It’s not too late to register (for free)!
Although held virtually, the Summit will be co-hosted by and culturally rooted in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.
The Summit will showcase exemplar projects from across Europe with a focus on Glasgow and Scotland. It will demonstrate methods being developed collaboratively by Connecting Nature partners to realise the shared benefits of nature in cities.
How DRIFT is connecting nature
On day one of the summit (themed “Reducing the risks”) Marleen Lodder  will be chairing the session “Building natural networks and delivering the deal with stakeholders”. During this session, representatives from the cities of Genk (Belgium), A Coruña (Spain), and Glasgow (Scotland) will present their experiences with urban nature-based solutions and how they managed to involve diverse stakeholders across local authorities and municipalities during the process. 

Date 23 March 2021 
Time 15:15-16:15 (GMT) 
Click here to register, and join us online as we explore the challenges and opportunities around innovations emerging to support the design, implementation and stewardship of nature-based solutions in cities.