Social Learning Relay #2: Experimentation

15 Mar, 2018

Being able to deal with the challenges that arise during experimentation processes, turns out to be crucial for the development and sustainability of the innovation you wish to achieve. Join us this March in Zagreb for our second Social Learning Relay, designed to boost the collaborative efforts of your team and strengthen your social impact initiatives!

No matter how good your ideas for social change are on paper, putting them into practice  requires another set skills and competencies. Direct experimentation helps further shape your ideas for change, but questions remain such as how do you keep your team empowered to pursue their creative efforts? How do you maintain motivation and enthousiasm along the way? How do you learn and adapt along the way, without loosing sight of the initial appeal and drive? And how do you resolve tensions in relations when working with diverse personalities, skills and expectations?

On the 15th of March our second Relay kicks-off with a full day workshop in the city of Zagreb, Croatia focusing on the topic of Experimentation and precisely some of the challenges mentioned above.

Do you want to connect with other motivated change agents and build on each others experiences and practical insights? Join us this March for an innovative learning opportunity, designed to boost the collaborative efforts of your team and strengthen your social impact initiatives!

By taking part in the relay you will:

  • Establish new connections at a personal level & with other social innovation networks and initiatives;
  • Gain practical solutions and recommendations on challenges associated with experimentation
  • Apply newly acquired knowledge & tools in a peer-to-peer learning environment
  • Improve your ability to adapt to existing and future challenges
  • Empower and support each other

What’s new?
Our Social Learning Relay’s combine a full day thematic workshop with an online peer-to-peer learning relay (‘the act of passing something along’). You bring in a learning question that has to do with struggles and dilemma’s around experimentation processes. We will provide a fertile ground for you to boost your knowledge in this area and learn from and with the other participants.

Format & Programme
The relay will start with a kick-off workshop on the 15th of March. The workshop will combine informative & inspiring lectures, with worksessions in which you will practice with a number of tools. During the workshop you will  get to know the other participants, deepen your learning question and form smaller groups before embarking on the online learning relay.

The relay period consists of 4-5 rounds of one week, in which each group provides input to the learning question of one of the participants in their group. At the end of the relay period each person has given help to all her/ his group mates.

Online intro & welcome: March 7th 2018
Kick-off workshop:          March 15th 2018
Online Relay rounds:        March 15th – April 15th  2018
Online closure event:      End of April 2018

For who?
The workshop and relay are aimed at social innovation practitioners; members of initiatives and networks for social change; those “agents of social change”, working in multidisciplinary teams on developing sustainable impact and others having experience in participating or facilitating experimental processes (e.g. co-creation, design thinking…). Keep in mind that number of places is limited to 25 so the relay is policy formed on ¨first come, first serve basis˝.

What do you bring in?

  • Motivation & curiosity to be part of an experimental learning format
  • Communication: share experience, knowledge and network
  • Participation: in workshop, the relay & final skype session
  • Action: organise a ripple effect activity during the two month period of the relay
  • Time investment: 2 hours a week during 4-5 relay rounds.

If you would like to take part in the relay, we kindly request you to apply via the online application form. The deadline for application is March 1st 2018

The second relay is organised by Social Innovation Lab (SIL) incollaboration with DRIFT as part of SIC (Social Innovation Community). SIC is a Horizon 2020 Programme funded project, and run by a consortium of 12 leading organisations across Europe. SIC will run from February 2016- 2019. Find out more.

A series of relays
The Social Learning Relay on Experimentation is part of a series of three (separate) Relays, each with a different thematic focus, location, and group of participants. Read more about the relays on the SIC website.

If you have any questions please dont’t hesitate to get in touch with Stella Kalac via or via +385 91 751 4908 or contact Marijke de Pous via: or +31 (0)649869542.