Public Talk: Daring Strategies to Accelerate Societal Change

13 Sep, 2019

For the public talk that marks the comeback day of our 2019 Societal Transitions Masterclass, we are pleased to welcome back Urgenda-director and -founder Marjan Minnesma. After Marjan’s talk, we will continue the conversation over drinks.

Marjan will share her insights on how transition management works in practice, combining a strong intellectual background – with degrees in philosophy, law and business – with vast experience as a leader in numerous innovation programmes and environmental organisations.

She demonstrates exceptionally diverse and daring strategies to accelerate sustainability transitions – from Urgenda’s interventions to scale the use of solar energy and electric vehicles to organising the Climate March in the Netherlands and taking the Dutch government to court for neglecting to take action on climate change.

More about the Masterclass Societal Transitions
The annual Masterclass Societal Transitions – now in its fourth year – was co-created by DRIFT and the Impact Hub network. By providing pragmatic tools and the latest insights from transition management and impact entrepreneurship, this masterclass helps entrepreneurs, policymakers and researchers lead the transition to a better world.

More about Marjan Minnesma
Marjan studied business administration, philosophy and law. She has worked for the Dutch government in Central Europe on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, as a campaigns director for Greenpeace Netherlands, and in academia, spending ten years at various Dutch universities.

Together with her co-director Prof. Dr. Jan Rotmans at Erasmus University’s Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT), she founded Urgenda to accelerate the much-needed transition to a sustainable society.

Marjan has been named the most influential person working in the field of sustainability in the Netherlands for three years in a row. And in 2015 she was praised as a ‘leading global thinker’ by Foreign Policy.

More about Urgenda
The Urgenda Foundation aims for a fast transition towards a sustainable society, with a focus on the transition towards a circular economy using only renewable energy. It works on solutions for this transition, including the introduction and realisation of ‘energy neutral’ houses and the acceleration of electric mobility.

Urgenda views climate change as one of the biggest challenges of our times and looks for solutions to ensure that the earth will continue to be a safe place to live for future generations.

Information and registration
The public talk takes place on Friday 13 September 2019 from 15:30 until 17:00 CEST in the Impact Hub Amsterdam (Linnaeusstraat 2C, 1092 CK Amsterdam). Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory and seats are limited: don’t miss out and register here!