Online event: Making online meetings just and sustainable

22 Sep, 2021

How can online meetings contribute to #JustSustainabilityTransitions? In this interactive event we invite researchers, activists and policy-makers to share their insights and experiences with online meetings. 
With or without Corona, online meetings are here to stay, especially in the world of transnational collaboration. Remote online meetings have the potential to contribute to more sustainability and justice, in terms of decreasing environmental damage from international travel and allowing for more inclusive participation.
But how can we attain human connection in online collaborations? How can online connectivity facilitate translocal networking and solidarity among organizations and initiatives? Does it have implications for sustainability transitions? What is the potential of online connectivity to enable equity and inclusion among a diverse audience? During this event, we will discuss the potential of online connectivity to enable just sustainability transitions from the perspective of multiple organizations, projects and networks. 
Several speakers and facilitators will share their insights during this meeting including Karlijn Schipper, Lucia Paola (UrbanA, ICLEI), Vaishali Joshi (ESSB, VCC), and Dr. Flor Avelino (DRIFT, VCC). After the talks, there will be room for discussion in smaller groups for participants to share their experiences around online connection, followed by a plenary session in which participants can share their questions and insights with the speaker and wider audience. 
For the full program and registration info, go to this page.