Transitie Motor 12: The transition generation

05 Jun, 2020

And you thought your teenage years were turbulent? This week our online gathering zooms in on the next Dutch generation and how they can shape ‘their’ Netherlands during and after the coronavirus crisis.
You can find the Dutch-language page here.

‘De Transitie Motor’ is a Dutch initiative to speed up the transition towards a fairer and more sustainable society during and after the coronavirus crisis. Anyone and everyone is welcome on Friday afternoons to speak, share, and learn. Currently, the conversations are in Dutch only, but we are working on an English-speaking spin-off.
Join us!
Hop onto our Zoom call on Friday 29 mei at 15.00 CET using this link. Bring a younger friend, family member or acquaintance. For now, the gathering is in Dutch only.
On behalf of De Transitie Motor:
Sjoerd Kluiving, Jelleke de Nooy van Tol, Marieke Verhagen and Esther van Eijk