Green Deal Arena

16 Sep, 2022

Do you too believe, like us, that significant behavioural, social, and cultural change is rapidly needed across Europe? And that the EU Green Deal – that €1.8 trillion policy plan for a fair & more sustainable Europe – is a massive opportunity?
Join us on 16 September and 4 October 2022, in Brussels or online, for a unique opportunity to explore how your work can connect with others’ to contribute to much-needed change across Europe via the Green Deal.
On 4 October 2022, selected high-level participants from diverse local movements, policy groups, and research institutes will gather, to explore:

  • What does (and should) the Green Deal say about the role of people and society?
  • Who is already ‘out there’ in Europe contributing to Green Deal objectives in practice?
  • How can organisations co-create transition pathways for just and sustainable change?.
  • How can we bridge the ‘shared’ middle ground between, for example, collectives/individuals, theory/practice, and social/technical innovations?

This gathering will be preceded by an online introduction to transitions thinking on 15 September 2022.

This is a chance to meet and interact with a curated network of diverse players (policyworkers, practitioners, scientists) working on just sustainability transitions across Europe. On top of that, it’s a unique opportunity to learn more about transitions thinking applied to your context.
The event’s outcomes will be fed back into the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research & Innovation (DG RTD), as well circulated to official Green Deal project working groups and Mission Secretariats. And by participating, you will become involved in downscaling EU-level policies to a regional level, discovering valuable insights on how it works on the ground.
Participants will also learn about the €528k SHARED GREEN DEAL funding call to be released in late 2022, for 24 organisations to run year-long regional/local engagement programmes (what we are calling our ‘social experiments’).
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Photo: Rotterdam translocal arena as part of the Urbana project, by Jan van der Ploeg