ENABLE Webinar #2: How to create just, equitable and accessible green and blue spaces in cities?

19 Nov, 2018

The ENABLE project brings together a diverse, multi-disciplinary group of partners to investigate how to unlock the full potential of green and blue infrastructure (GBI). How do you create just, equitable and accessible green and blue spaces in cities? Join the discussion on November 19 with our webinar!

Most cities around the world are interlaced with green and blue infrastructure (GBI) and benefit from the wide range of ecosystem services it provides. In an increasingly urbanized world, GBI has the potential to tackle multiple environmental and social challenges, such as human wellbeing, social inequality, biodiversity loss and climate change impacts such as flooding. However, the successful design and implementation of GBI requires careful consideration of a number of key aspects, including people’s perceptions of the benefits of GBI, barriers to the equitable distribution of benefits and strategies for making the flow of benefits resilient.

The ENABLE project adopts a transdisciplinary approach to investigate the role GBI can play in tackling the social-ecological challenges facing cities, taking into account how these key aspects interact and influence the performance of green or blue solutions.

On November 19, we will dive into the challenge of creating just, equitable and accessible green and blue spaces in cities. Join the discussion with Dagmar Haase, professor at Humboldt University Berlin, Johannes Langemeyer, postdoctoral researcher at Autonomous University of Barcelona and Giovanni Fini, technical coordinator from the City of Bologna and co-coordinator of the Urban Agenda for the EU partnership on sustainable use of land and nature-based solutions! The discussion will be moderated by  Chantal van Ham from IUCN and Alice Reil from ICLEI.

The ENABLE Webinar #2 will take place on November 19, 16:00 – 17:00 CET. You can register here. Do you want to know more about the ENABLE-project? Visit our project-page.