Consultation hour: transitions

13 May, 2020

Do you have a question about transitions? Do you want us to think along with your initiative, project or research? We are happy to help! Therefore we open our office doors to welcome you for our consultation hour on May 13 and June 26. For 45 minutes, two DRIFTers will take a look at your project or ideas from a transition perspective, ask critical questions, and put you on your way. Subscribe now for an appointment!
At DRIFT we work on transitions, on a daily basis. We research societal systems, educate a diversity of people on processes of systemic change and advice organisations on their role in accelerating and navigating transitions.
We do know, however, that not everyone working on a sustainable and fair society is able to afford our services. That’ why we want to open our office doors for a series of ‘consultation hours’ in which we offer transition advice – free of charge. Are you -for instance- a social entrepreneur or member of a citizen initiative, and do you want to know how you and you initiative can contribute to systemic change? Or do you want to change your organisation itself, for a bigger contribution to a sustainable world? Subscribe to our consultation hour on May 13 and June 26 and two DRIFTers think along with your challenge.
You can subscribe to the consultation hour on May 13 or June 26 (both for Dutch- and English-speaking clients) using this form. Are the timeslots already booked? Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter: we want to schedule new moments as soon as possible, to make room for every transition question!
Do you want to know more about our work and get a better grip on our offer – and what we can do for you? Read more about DRIFT and our vision or take a look at our research projects, consultancycases and course offer.
What can you expect from your transition consultation? In March, Giorgia Silvestri and Rachel Greer conducted three rounds of transition consultation with the aim to support change makers acting and thinking for transformative change. In the first consultation they listened to the inspiring ideas for the development of an online programme for the urban transformation of the city of Rome, by connecting stakeholders and decision-makers from 14 different sectors for collaboration towards a transition. During the second consultation, they shared their advice with a PhD student currently analyzing transition dynamics in relation to urban regeneration in the water sector in Mexico City, and relayed research on the topic of failure. In the last round, they hosted an exchange on the critical questions for, possibilities of, and the practical first steps towards the creation of a build a green, innovative, and inclusive city in the Netherlands.