Terms, conditions and complaints


What exactly do you agree to when signing up for a course with the DRIFT Transition Academy? And what are your options when something goes wrong? Below you can find our general terms & conditions as well as our complaints procedure.


The below documents apply to our open post-initial courses but have no bearing on our academic education (minor and master).


Click here for the general terms & conditions.


And do you have a complaint?  Please see our complaints procedure.


If you are or were part of an In Company course (non-public, tailor-made education for your organisation commissioned by your employer), we are also keen to hear your experiences, but formal complaints can only be lodged by your employer addressed to DRIFT’s management (with no option to appeal).


If you have a complaint relating to inappropriate behaviour or abuse, you can always – regardless of the type of course – file a complaint with the EUR Holding’s COOM (Committee on Undesirable Behaviour and Misconduct).