Transition Academy Team


The Transition Academy brings together experts in the field of transitions with a rich and diverse set of knowledge and skills. Many of our lecturers and trainers, whether working at DRIFT or elsewhere, are simultaneously active as researchers, advisers and/or practitioners.

Affiliated lecturers and trainers

Many of our courses are developed in collaboration with transition scholars and practitioners from different organisations and backgrounds. Affiliated lectures and trainers are people with whom we have an established relationship in one or more of our courses. They bring in skills, expertise and a passion for teaching topics such has historical analysis, the food transition, transition coaching and more. See our overview of affiliated lecturers and trainers.


Partner institutes

Besides collaborating with individual scholars and practitioners, we also partner with a organisations and training institutes. Each of them brings additional expertise and capacity in terms of specialized content or with regard to logistics, PR and practical organisation.


Knowledge about transitions is not ready made but always in the making. The Transition Academy is a place for the co-production of such knowledge by sharing ideas and experiences.  –  Flor Avelino, Academic Director TAC


Core Team

The overall academic quality and professional coherence of the Transition Academy is guaranteed and supervised by a dedicated team of academic and organisational professionals


  • Marieke Verhagen
    Chief Learning Officer
  • Serf Doesborgh
    Coordinator & Facilitator Education
  • Wouter Mulders
    Communications Coordinator TAC & DRIFT
  • Samaa Allaoui
    Administrative & Organisational Support
  • Prof. dr. Derk Loorbach                 
    Professor Societal Transitions & Director of DRIFT
  • Dr. PJ Beers
    Learning Expert TAC & Researcher DRIFT