Our tailor-made offer

Let the DRIFT Transition Academy come to you! Armed with our action research knowledge as well as hands-on experience from our consultancy work, we can bring a custom-made transformative learning experience to your (online) doorstep.
A tailor-made course allows you, your colleagues as well as people in your network to embark on a collective learning journey, develop a fresh perspective on your organization’s role and responsibility, and boost your capacity to engage with societal transitions.
With our tailor-made courses, you decide on…

  • Content. Understand transition dynamics through frameworks, practical tools or critical reflection. All is possible.
  • Duration. A four-hour refresher, a multi-day deepdive or a full-blown course over several months? Timing won’t be an issue.
  • Staffing. Prefer an academic approach or would you like to involve more practice-based transition experts? Our staff and guest lecturers have a wide range.
  • Location. Organized in your company’s headquarters or rather on a unique location to stimulate new trains of thought? The choice is yours!

We have worked with many (local) governments in the Netherlands and abroad, with various companies and other organisations in domains like healthcare, education, water management, construction and the cultural sector, and with institutes such as the IRTA research institute in Barcelona

“The training helped us to take a step back from our daily routine and project-based way of working. Instead, we focused on our long-term ambitions and position in the field of education and on the paths we need to follow to succeed.”

>>> For more information, please contact Serf Doesborgh at: transitionacademy@drift.eur.nl <<<