Whose circular economy?  

Date 7 September, 2019
Authors Karlijn Schipper, Chris Roorda, Caroline Newton and Elmar Willems.

This article argues that for releasing the full potential of the cricular economy, we must go beyond the ecological angle and include social and political dimensions.

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Kiezen in tijden van politieke twijfel

Date 20 May, 2019
Authors Flor Avelino

Ondanks twijfel en verdeeldheid in de progressieve politiek blijft DRIFT’s Flor Avelino vertrouwen in collectieve waarden. Daarvoor moeten we ons echter wél uitspreken.

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Empowering Social Innovation for Transformative Change

Date 10 November, 2018
Authors Flor Avelino, Sarah Rach and Julia Wittmayer

On the 17th of May, 27 thinkers and doers gathered in Amsterdam to discuss the role of power and empowerment in social innovation. In this blog, we share our main insights.

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Time to ignite the power of translocal social movements

Date 8 October, 2018
Authors Flor Avelino for The Broker

How do you harvest the full potential of translocal social movements to challenge existing economic and political systems? DRIFT’s Flor Avelino wrote a blog for The Broker, to provide some insights. 

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