DRIFT DRIFT About DRIFT DRIFT is a leading research institute on and for sustainability transitions. We support people, cities, sectors and organisations to engage proactively with transitions.
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sees the need & opportunities for fundamental changes towards sustainable futures. We have the insight, drive and experience to support people, case Van de straat The mobilization program ‘Van de Straat!' (‘Off the Street!’) focuses on mobilizing individual and organizational stakeholders, to offer homeless youth a stable foundation for development and participation in society. go to case cities, sectors project TRAPESES TRAPESES is an example of a sectoral approach, in which DRIFT leads a transdisciplinary research consortium and works in close exchange with a variety of practitioners to develop ideas and suggestions for institutional designs and actor strategies.
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and organisations to take action.

We We Our people The DRIFT team is an international and interdisciplinary group of researchers and advisors. We are a socially committed, open minded, curious and – at times – provocative bunch. meet our team develop and share transformative knowledge, topic Transformative knowledge Creating and using knowledge for transition goes beyond simple theory building: we aim to develop knowledge that is critical of the status quo, contributes to fundamental change, and generates sustainable futures.  go to topic apply new methods in practice, provide academic and professional training course Societal Transitions Each year our international masterclass on societal transitions combines deep critical reflection with applied action learning in the vibrant quarters of Impact Hub Amsterdam. It invigorates participants to lead change in their professional and personal environment.
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and engage in public debate. debate Arena The DRIFT Arena encompasses all our activities that explicitly aim to spark dialogue, reflection and debate. Join us in one of our upcoming public events or lectures, read opinion pieces and challenge us on social media.
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This way society benefits directly from our latest insights, and we continually advance our theories based on real challenges.

Together we accelerate transitions towards more just, sustainable and resilient societies. societies Our vision DRIFT works on achieving more just, sustainable and resilient societies. We seek to envision and empower new futures within the ecological, social and economic boundaries that our societies face.
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